Ford transmission

my transmission slips when i accelerate from a dead stop. i just had the transmission serviced (they changed the fluid and filter). the problem started after i had the transmission serviced. i checked the fluid level and it is ok. what could the problem be and how do i fix it?

If you describe what actually happens when you step on the gas that might help - only b/c people do tend to call different kinds of things “slipping.”

How many miles are on this transmission and has it been serviced regularly during its lifetime? Why did you have it serviced? Started noticing issues? Or just routine maintenance?

What kind of a shop did the work? Do you know for certain that the correct transmission fluid was used? It is probably supposed to get Mercon - not all shops follow the manufacturer’s recommendations as they should.

Possibly a wrong filter or a filter which was installed improperly allowing air to go through the pump. (Cavitating). Other things could be a slipping forward clutch assy or a low roller (Sprag) assy which is coming apart and slipping. Time to let a trans shop have a look.


This just started happening (slipping) RIGHT AFTER YOU HAD IT SERVICED?
IT DID NOT SLIP BEFORE you had it serviced?
If yes to both these questions then I have to go with transmans618 answer “wrong filter” OR the filter could have fallen off and the pump is sucking air instead of fluid through the filter.

I will put money on the filter too. Sometimes they leave the original o-ring in and install a replacement causing leakage.