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Transmission for 1989 Mercedes

Hi I posted a question earlier. I made a mistake on it. I want to know what if 1994 Mercedes e260 transmission would be compatible for a 1998 Mercedes transmission. I accidently said 2004 thank you

I think your best bet will be to consult a Mercedes Benz dealer service department or an independent mechanic who specializes in MB vehicles.

Vehicle electronics change from year to year, and even though the transmission may be physically the same it may not work in a later application. This is just a general statement, and not necessarily applicable to your situation.

Engine and transmission swaps are getting harder and harder to do these days. Consult an expert. I am not one.

You’ve got 2 threads going here, which makes it difficult for you to get good responses. Start by giving us the correct year and vehicle models of both your car and the potential transmission donor car. You’re going to have to know those things anyway if you end up calling a dealer service department for confirmation.