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Mercedes transmissions

Hi What other year transmission would be compatible to the 1998 Mercedes e260. The car will onl go 10 mph. pull a part has a 2004 Mercedes

I have no idea at all on this one. About all I can suggest is that you check with a normal salvage yard since most use something like the Hollander Interchange book.
Checking with the Benz parts department may not go anywhere because their books may show completely different parts numbers for the transmission assemblies based on subtle differences that may not mean much as to the transmission actually fitting the car.

Some libraries in major metro areas often have a reference section and may have the Hollander Interchange there.

Whale of a Pull a Part yard that has an '04 Benz. Must have been really whacked or someone had a coronary after seeing what a new engine costs.

Hi the 2004 was an error. It was a 1994. Do you know anything about trans.shaving in the trans fluid? Someone had suggested limp mode

If you want to swap parts across decades of production, stick with Fords and Chevy’s. Once they started putting computers in cars, that game ENDED. Search for a Benz board where you may find some expert help. With most of these cars, transmission failure totals the car…We have made so many cars, their value collapses so fast, it’s just not worth it fixing them.

I still don’t know. While I’ve serviced a few Benz variety cars I’m by no means even a half-expert on them.

With metal shavings in the pan it does sound like trouble. Tiny near-microscopic gunk can be a bit normal over time but if these metal particles are shavings or flakes then my opinion is that the trans is on the way out and the trans needs to be rebuilt or replaced with a used unit. Probably the latter because I’m sure a proper Benz rebuild would be very (obscenely) expensive and as Caddyman says, often a transmission rebuild can total a car value wise.

Whether the price of a rebuilt transmission “Totals” your car or not depends on a lot of factors, such as miles, rust and overall condition.

Your transmission is the 722.4 and should be easy to find.
Cost for the transmission should be around $2400 sitting on a pallet. Any good Mercedes Indy can swap them, but make sure the meet the warranty qualifications for the install.

The best place bar-none for a top quality Mercedes transmission rebuild is at
Peter Shmid They come with a 2 year/24k mile warranty.

No connection to the company, just a satisfied customer. No come backs over a Peter Shmid rebuily tranny.

1998 E260?? This is not a USA car, and I seriously doubt that the 722.4 transmission was still used in any MBz in 1998. That’s a late-80s vintage trans.

Indeed. The 722.4 is for a 260E. I’ve seen the years 1998 and 1989 interchanged along with 1994 and 2004. I have no idea what he has or what donor model they’re looking at. The OP clearly needs to nail down models and model years before anyone can help them.
I do still stand by my advice of using a rebuild with a warranty as opposed to a junkyard tranny. If the car is worth the expense then do it, otherwise move on.