Total body need help

I totaled my 2004 Mazda 6 s 3.0l v6 5 speed manual the heart is still good what body’s are compatible for my motor and transmission

You don’t want to swap your 15 year old engine and trans into another. You might think you do, but you don’t.

First off, any crash could possibly have damaged the engine or transmission. You may not find this until the engine has been installed.

Second, finding a donor body in good condition, of the right type, with a bad engine win’t be easy. Plus you won’t likely be able to drive it until the your engine is in so younwon’t know what other expensive things need replacing.

Third, by the time you are done, you will spend more than the finished car is worth. That may be true even if the labor is free. If you get in another accident, that is money out the window.

Additionally, the only bodies that are compatible are those from another Mazda 6.

With unitized construction–such as your car has–even if you were able to locate an identical, pristine Mazda 6, some of the labor that would be involved will be… extensive. We don’t know which parts of your car were damaged, but some of the panels on your unitized car are welded into place. Most of the panels are bolted-on, but some are welded, and that entails a lot of work to remove the old parts and weld the new ones into place.

The OP would be much better-served by trying to find a good replacement vehicle, rather than spending a LOT of money to repair the body–and possibly the chassis–of her 15 year old car.

Doesn’t want to repair the body, wants to put current engine and transmission into another car.

Mazda 6’s from 2003 to 2008 used the same engines so you could look for a body from any of those years. Whether it’s a good idea is debatable.

But unless you actually know that the mounting points and subframes are identical then just using the same engine is an unknown factor.

Year to year changes, if any, would likely be minor. The engine, in terms of the locations of mounts, probably wouldn’t change. And it’s part of the whole “Whether it’s a good idea is debatable” thing, no?