Transmission failure

Anyone having problems with their 2006 R350-4Matic. My transmission is shot - code 0894 - only 60k - regularly serviced at dealer - they found metal pieces in the pan. I believe that this manufacture’s defect and they should replace it free of charge - but they are saying it is not under warranty anymore - wants $6.9K - to replace it - what do you think/

First of all, what are the symptoms which made you take it to the dealer to be checked?? You can contact Mercedes Benz yourself and see if they would cover some of the cost of replacement. Bottom line is that you ARE out of warranty. They are not required to replace it at their cost. Since you have pretty low miles on your vehicle you might be able to persuade them to cover some of the cost. If they offer 1/2 the cost I would go for it.


I was just driving along and all of a sudden the car stopped moving. The engine was still running. Had to get it tow to the dealer. They offered a 1/3 off. But I am still mad, because the car has been maintained properly at the dealer and everything is still in great condition and so this should not happen, especially an MB and the money you pay for it.

I hate to tell you this, but your Mercedes is built with metal and plastic just like every other company out there.

Parts break, even under perfect maintenance conditions.

What you need to do is search for other reported instances of this type of transmission failure, or a TSB that says that this type of failure should be looked for by the technicians, and then use that information to get MB to take a bigger slice of the replacement cost pie.

Paying more money doesn’t get you an unconditional replacement guarantee.
It gets you a nicer car.


Heres what I would do. Take it to an independent transmission shop (NOT a large chain trans shop) price a rebuild and be sure to find out how long their warranty is. If they can beat $4600 I would go with it. Theres nothing special about that transmission that an independent trans shop cant handle. I build these in my shop too and can get parts all day long for them. You go to MB, you are going to pay out MB prices. How often have you serviced the transmission?? You should have 2 trans services under your belt right now. Automatics need to be serviced every 25-30k miles regardless of what the owners manual says.

Let us know what happens.


I believe that this manufacture’s defect and they should replace it free of charge - but they are saying it is not under warranty anymore

Well what does the warranty say?  If it says 3 years and it is now 4 years. It is out of warranty.  

Would you expect the dealer to tell you that while you have a 5 year warranty and it stopped running at 4 years 10 months, they will not cover it because it was closet to being out of warranty?

Yes, by the “rules” that’s just the way it goes. The warranty is up. When you signed on the dotted line, that was the agreement you made.

But by human reason it is ridiculous. I would keep the pressure on. Gently to start. And then get up to yelling if that’s what it comes to. Even though the “rules” say it is all on you, one is supposed to be paying for more than bells and whistles with a Mercedes. But I’d be making noise no matter what make the car is. It probably won’t do any good, but just because something is within the “rules” doesn’t make it right.

Lots of people like to say that companies just follow the demands of consumers. Well, I don’t think that most consumers make themselves heard enough. So you can at least make yourself heard.