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Transmission Flush or Transmission Service

I have a 2007 Hundayi Elantra with 51,200 miles on it. Should I get a transmission flush or typical transmission service (changing fluid and filter)?

What does your manual say? Do that.

Fluid and filter - every 30K is best.

in most cases, a transmission flush can be very bad for the transmission. You want to drop the pan, replace the filter, and then replace the fluid that came out. If you want to replace all the fluid, do this 3 times (only replace the filter on the last time, of course) with some short drives between each time.

Flushing can force debris into small passages where debris should not go.

I went to my manual a while ago and the automatic transaxle fluid should be replace at 105K. Is that the same thing?

In general, follow the maintenance recommendations in your manual.

Except with regards to transmission fluids. Have the pan/filter done every 30K miles. Some cars these days don’t have pans/filters that can be serviced. If that is the case w/ your Hyundai it may have a drain plug. If so, drain & refill every 30k. Short of that I would find a fluid exchange to be preferred over a “flush”

This is from Hyundia Motor Company of North America: “If a transmission fluid exchange machine is available, use this equipment to replace the transmission fluid”.


As with most modern cars they shortchange maintenance on this critical expensive piece of equipment. I would suggest replacing the fluid at least twice as often as listed and be sure to get the filter cleaned. I would avoid the flush thing.

Note If they are going to flush it with new fluid and clean that filter, fine, but compare the cost and you decide

Drain and refill every 25-30k miles regardless of what the owners manual says. The filter is not servicable unless the transmission has been disassembled.