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Transmission fluid flush

My car is approaching 80,000 miles and has had routine scheduled oil changes. Jiffy Lube has recommended a transmission flush for my next visit, and I’m wondering if a transmission flush is a part required routine maintenance…I have read mixed reviews on the topic.

" I’m wondering if a transmission flush is a part required routine maintenance"

Well, the official answer lies only as far away as your glove comparment! Does Hyundai list transmission service for 30k, 60k, or 90k in their maintenance schedule?

Even if they do not list in their maintenance schedule, savvy car owners do change (NOT flush) their transmission fluid every 3 yrs/30k miles if they want to avoid early transmission failure.

That being said, I would not use Jiffy Lube for ANY automotive service, from oil changes to transmission service and anything in between. The number of fatal screwups each week at various J-Lube franchises is enormous. If they haven’t screwed up your oil changes yet, you are very lucky, but that luck cannot hold out forever.

So–yes, your transmission fluid needs to be changed (NOT flushed).
Have this done by an independent mechanic or–even better–by an independent transmission specialist.
And, you need to become more familiar with your car’s maintenance needs by simply referring to the booklet provided by Hyundai.

First, read your owner’s manual which would have all maintenance items listed.

Secondly do not go to Jiffy Lube for anything like that.

Thirdly, transmissions need to have their fluid DRAINED and the filter changed; not flushed without changing the filter on a regular basis. Doing a flush at your mileage without any previous fluid changes will certainly lead to problems. Jiffy bought an expensive flush machine that has to be kept going to make money. And you are that source of money.

Find an independent shop specializing in transmission work and ask to have the fluid AND FILTER changed (NOT FLUSHED) and have them check it out as well.
For long life, the fluid and filter (if it has one ) should be changed every 30,000 miles. You are 2 changes overdue already.

But stay away from the Jiffy Lubes and the transmisison Chains such as AAMCO, COTTMAN and others. Most will want you to buy a new transmision or flush it. You need neither.

Yes, your car needs to have its transmission fluid replaced periodically, but I wouldn’t allow Jiffy Lube, or any other chain shop, to do it.

I think Hyundai recommends a transmission fluid replacement every 3 years or 30K miles. The owner’s manual would tell you for sure.

There are other fluids that should be replaced, too. Read the maintenance schedule, and find a mechanic.

Forget “flush”. Forget Jiffy Lube. Check your owners manual for the periodic maintenance of your transmission. Transmissions need to be drained and the filter replaced. Remember…flush toilets… not transmissions.

Secondly do not go to Jiffy Lube for anything like that.

No. That should be “do not go to any fast Lube for anything not even change for a parking meter!”

How ironic the JL ad that says “if you care about your car … go to Jiffy Lube.”

The power of advertising! In 1964 GM introduced their “Mark of Excellence” logo in the famous square. That same year there was a significant DROP in quality through “Value Engineering” i.e. cheapening things with substitutes that would or would not work.

“Read my lips. No new taxes.”

Campaign promises, trademarks, and advertising slogans are not necessarily honest or truly representative of reality, whether they come from politicians or from corporations. In both cases, virtually anything will be said in order to try to convince people of their worthiness.