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Flushing oil and Transmission Fluids?

I this really necessary or just a good money maker for the shop?

Model year?
Odometer mileage?
History of oil changes and transmission fluid changes?

The Devil is in the details.

Do not do trans flush! Drop pan,clean,clean or replace filter.

2007 with 57,000 miles. Service on a 5-6000 mile basis. No fluids added.

Fluids a bit dark, good gas milage and performance. No problems.

Service agent recommends flushing all fluids, oil, transmission, brakes and radiator.

And do not do an engine oil flush, period. Pure wallet flush.

Here’s what’s replaced at the 60,000 mile service interval.

Engine Air Filter

Automatic Transaxle Fluid

Cabin Air Filter

Engine Coolant

Oil/Oil filter

EVAP Fuel Tank Air Filter


i would guess this recommendation is from a diffylube. you should really, REALLY read your owners manual.

the service writer’s are noted for spewing unnecessary, profit oriented, ‘recommendations’ which you, as a consumer must wade through, and decide what is useful and effective.

if you were told you MUST jump each time the icecream truck shows up, who’s fault is it if you gain an extra 100 lbs??

this is about understanding our collective responsibilities we must deal with about our autos. Does this apply to the rest of our lives??? financial, personal, political, and professional? do you really expect that everything we hear is the truth? of the facts? or trustworthy? how does this sit with your feeding from the Whitehouse?

car dealerships/service depts are just another example of the ‘untruths’ we must learn to deal with each day.

you must read the service writer’s recommendation: does it say, 'we recommend," “or require.” I think you will see a frequent similarity in their statements. they will say… " we recommend XXX" that should be a trigger to your financial concerns. if it says, required, then you can take it to the bank. if not, then the owner is being set up for an ATM withdrawal.

Find a good mechanic where you can talk to the guy who owns and runs the place one on one. Family owned mechanics typically won’t try to sell you worthless and stupid services like what you mentioned.

  1. Do car manufacturers recommend flushing?
  2. Does it say periodic flushing in your owners manual?
  3. Can you find a good mechanic who does not have a flush machine who will tell you a good
    flush is needed?
  4. Up until a few years back were all the mechanics such dummies they couldn’t figure out
    that periodic flushing was needed?



I would do a few things in addition to what the manual says:

Change, don’t flush, auto transmission fluid every 30k miles.
Change “long life” coolant and thermostat every 5 years.
Change brake fluid every 3 years.
Valve adjustment, if applicable, every 30k miles.
Empty and refill power steering reservoir every 3 years.

If these fluids are changed on a timely basis there’s no need to flush.