Transmission Fluid

I have a 2006 Honda CRV with 25,000 miles on it. I brought it in to the mechanics I’ve used for 20 years for an oil change. They told me that the transmission fluid was dirty and needed to be flushed and replaced with synthetic fluid for $180. As I probed further, the guy said that it should be done as part of the 30,000 check up so I may as well do it now while they had it. This sounded odd and I did not do it. So, I am wondering if after 4 years and 25,000 miles it really is possible that the transmission fluid is “dirty” and therefore in need of cleaning. If so, what might cause this problem and is it okay for me to drive it? The reseach I did indicates the transmission doesn’t need to be flushed before 60,000 miles. If not, do I need to find a new mechanic?

One other thing: I made the mistake of parking the car in the driveway right after the oil change. Now I have two drip spots that I can’t get out.

Whether the vehicle’s manufacturer lists the procedure or not, it is wise to change (NOT flush!) the transmission fluid every 3 yrs/30k miles (whichever comes first).

Those who do not service the trans on this schedule are likely to experience serious transmission problems any time after 90k miles, with 120k miles being typical for transmission failure on units that did not have their fluid changed every 3 yrs/30k miles. Additionally, I want to point out that automatic transmissions tend to be the Achilles Heel on many Honda models, so you would be very wise to do as I suggest.

All of that being said, I would avoid the recommendation for synthetic fluid. Instead use genuine Honda fluid, as Hondas use a unique type of fluid and anything else just makes transmission problems much more likely.

When you have the trans fluid changed, you should also have the rear differential fluid changed, as that is a known problem area on CR-Vs. Failure to do this will result in excess wear of the center differential, and lots of strange noises when you are in low speed turns. For this purpose, use ONLY genuine Honda Dual-Pump Fluid, as any other lubricant will produce lots of problems. The rear diff and the center diff are linked on this model, and changing the rear diff fluid will also result in a change of the center diff fluid.

As to the stains on the driveway, buy some cheap kitty litter, leave it on the spots for a few hours, and then scrub it away with a stiff bristle brush.

What does the dealer say ?

30k miles is a good time to change trans fluid.
Don’t have it flushed, just changed.
Don’t put in anything except Honda fluid.
$180 is a ripoff price. Should cost maybe half that.

The transmission has a dipstick…Have YOU pulled it out and examined the fluid? Does it look dirty to YOU?? It should be transparent, pink, and have little or no odor…

Agree with the others, about 30k is a good miles, but absolutely use Honda fluid, no need for synthetic.

thru my experience owning few honda’s- 95-97 accord,2000 crv and 06 accord,i only
do drain and fill q 30k,wipe off end of plug each time,use honda atf.about 3-4 quart
each flushing can do double or triple drain and fill for peace
of mind but not good on your wallet.

Today too many dealers sell flushes. The dealer is not the manufacturer. Anytime the dealer’s recommendation cost you money and does not match the manufacturer’s recommendation, run away.