2016 Honda CR-V trans fluid exchange interval

My dealer tells me that I need to do a transmission fluid exchange at 30K miles, but the maintenance manual says it should be done at 100K. that is a big discrepancy. The dealer says 100k is only if I drive exclusively on the highway. Per the dealer failure to do this will damage the transmission. Is he right?

The general consensus here is to change the fluid every 30-60 thousand miles to ensure long transmission life. The manuals are written the way they are to make the vehicle appear to have a lower “total cost of ownership”.

I wish you the best of luck finding the truth. Even on this forum, you’ll hear “follow the owners manual” and “do it every 30K miles or you’re dooming your transmission to an early grave” in the same thread. I think both positions are stated with the best intent, but it doesn’t reduce the confusion.

I have friends with Honda cars and I recommend 30,000 miles since both do primarily city driving. And winter temperatures last winter reached -35F for weeks on end.

30,000 - 50,000 would be fine with me. Honda has had a pretty spotty record with their transmissions, I’d be inclined to listen to the dealer in this case, and to use only Honda-brand fluid.

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Yes! Honda brand fluid only!

Look for the “severe schedule” fluid change requirements: these will apply to city driving.

New Honda vehicles use “Maintenance Minder” which is supposed to tell you when your particular vehicle will need this type of service. It will adjust intervals to your particular driving conditions and habits, but even then the manual on my Accord says something like “if you drive a lot in high elevations and rough roads, replace the fluid every 45K miles even if Maintenance Minder is not bringing transmission fluid maintenance reminder”.

I’m not sure your CR-V has the same MM system.

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I do mine at 30,000 miles. Regardless of what is in the manual, the Acura dealer recommended 30K trans, transfer case, and differential fluid changes. Also specified the importance of the differential at the first 10,000 miles. Really doesn’t cost much in comparison. I am not a fan of flushing though.

Thanks everyone, appreciate your input