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CRV Auto. Transmision oil change

Hi peeps I have a 2009 CRV Auto just coming up to 90000 miles.
Do I need a transmission oil changed?
Can this be done by any garage or should I stick with main dealer.
Anyone have an idea of cost in the UK.


Most folks here would recommend a transmission fluid change every 30,000-50,000 miles, so yes, it’s well past time. I’d have it done at the Honda dealer, to be sure you get the correct fluid. Honda transmissions are known to act up with an incorrect fluid. As to cost, I can’t speculate what it would be in the UK, but can say without a doubt that it’s a lot cheaper than a transmission rebuild. Guide yourself accordingly.

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Either the dealer or a place that specializes in transmissions. Place I go to - .all they do is transmissions. Most of the dealers in this area send their transmission work to him because they don’t have the expertise in-house to do the work.

Just make sure it is Honda-brand fluid. Honda’s major weak point is their transmissions, I wouldn’t take any chances with ‘compatible’ or ‘universal’ fluids.


+1 to the previous comments, but I want to add the following:
If the OP’s CRV has AWD, he should be sure to change the differential fluid, as well as the trans fluid. CRVs are notorious for severe binding of the differentials on tight turns, with resulting squealing noises from the tires, and jerky low-speed handling.

The preventative for that problem is to change the diff fluid every 50k miles or so, using ONLY Genuine Honda Dual-Pump Fluid.

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If you read your owners manual, it will state to not flush this transmission. This is due to an unserviceable filter inside the transmission. There is an inline filter that the manufacterer determines is a lifetime filter, only to be replaced at time of tranny rebuild or replacement. I personally think that’s foolish. For $20-$30 you can get a dealer filter and less for aftermarket, and they are only a little hard to get to. It is also recommended to drain and fill, drive for awhile and repeat 2 more times for a proper service. That isn’t usually done though. But DIYers can do it because Honda brand fluid is surprisingly cheap when bought at the dealership.

Replacing the auto trans fluid looks pretty simple, just drain the old out and pour the new in basically. It’s spec’d as a 1/2 hour job. So the fee will be whatever they charge in the UK for 1/2 hour of labor plus the cost of the replacement fluid.

Thanks for replies I thought it was due will ring main dealer and get a price might have a go myself if its not too difficult.

The tranny fluid is very easy to change. But as @texases stayed it is important to use the correct Honda fluid. The differential fluid may be a bit of a challenge because there are EVAP components in the way of the drain and fill plug.