Transmission fluid dipstick

Had an unfortunate event take place today fellas. From what I can tell happened the transmission fluid dipstick worked itself loose while i was doing 65 down the highway, sending transmission fluid shooting out of the tube and all over my exhaust headers, and an enormous plume of white smoke all over the road. Thought it was a rear seal or head gasket so i pulled over and noticed that the dipstick wasn’t seated right in the tube, and transmission fluid EVERYWHERE. It looks like a seal in the cap of the dipstick may have broken off, or maybe just become worthless. I bought a 95 cent o-ring and shoved it down in the cap to get myself home, but would like something a little more permanent. Can you recommend a good replacement part? Or is this a job for a salvage yard? Thanks!

A properly operating automatic should not have a problem with oil being expelled up the dip stick tube.

Is there any possibility that water or coolant has gotten into the transmission? Are you losing coolant? Is there any oil in the cooling system or reservoir bottle? If water has gotten emulsified into the transmission oil, the mix will expand by many volumes when it reaches the boiling point of water. If this problem happens again after you seal and lock the dip stick into the tube, have the transmission fluid changed along with the filter and flush the fluid in the converter. With the dip stick locked and sealed, the oil will likely exit through the transmission vent and blow back on the transmission and undercarriage.

Let us know the resolution of this problem.