Transmission dip stick is stuck, like fused in place

So, I have a fairly big problem. I was trying to check the transmission fluid level (which in and of itself is notoriously difficult on this vehicle) but in the end, the dipstick broke - that’s how hard I was pulling on it.
The top of it moves though, so it’s not stuck at the surface… I think it is, literally, melted and stuck in the transmission… any thoughts, ideas?

Independent transmission shop not a chain type shop,


Remove the entire dipstick assembly.

Replace if required.


I tried. The bolt is out. It will rotate some but will not come up, ergo, leading me to feel the bottom of the stick is most likely melt to something internally.

The O-ring has probably bonded itself to the hole.

I’d take some penetrating oil like Deep Creep,

spray around the dipstick assembly, rotate it, repeat.

That’s how I remove stubborn crank sensors when they get stuck.


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Im not one to work on transmissions but just a couple of last resorts…
you can try heating up the block around where the dipstick enters with a torch. not the tube. you will need to replace the o ring and dipstick anyway.
or maybe if you drop the pan you can push it up from inside. you should replace the fluid and filter. good luck

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The small handle will snap off. Even prying carefully with screwdriver is risky. The o ring is stuck.

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Our 2017 rusted in place, still under warranty they removed the tube, cleaned and lubed it and attributed it to moisture buildup as short trips are the major use.