Pen Dropped in Dipstick of Automatic Transmission Subaru 91 Legacy

I have a pen somewhere inside my automatic transmission. I haven’t driven it very far (less than a mile). Is there some way to get it out? Like possibly taking off the pan?

I was changing my transmission fluid on my Subaru 1991 Legacy. For some reason, the fluid would fill up to several inches below the top of the dipstick, yet would still slip. I got tired of the dipstick telling me something I didn’t believe, so I tried a pen. The pen left my fingers.

If the pen has a steel push button it’s possible a slim mechanic’s magnet could be inserted to fish it out. You could also try removing the tube itself.

Considering you’ve changed the fluid and have a transaxle slippage problem I’d say drop the pan. This would give you an opportunity to look in the bottom of the pan and possibly determine if you have more serious problems such as a failing transaxle.
If the pan is full of gunk and shavings then your transaxle is in trouble.

(Some of the automatics were prone to failure due to hypoid gear oil in the final drive leaking into the automatic transmission fluid so inspect the gear oil level also.)

I’m not sure about Subbies, but, generally, you should be able to get the pen out by dropping the oil pan. Most cars I’ve seen, the dipstick extends to the oil pan, and measures the oil from there.

Get it out. The plastic will break up, and may cause problems.