Losing Transmission Fluid out of dipstick tube

Dear Click and Clack,

I am losing Transmission Fluid out of dipstick tube.

1997 Chevrolet 1500 2wheel drive ENG. 4.3

I have had the fliter change.

Fine for two (2) days and now losing fluid out of the dipstick tube again.

My dipstick tube has been broke for a while (10-12 months) and getting new one.

There maybe lots of water gotten in the transmission thru the broken tube.

Should I flush the fluid in the converter?

Not me but a good repair shop.

Thanks,and love your show on WFYI-FM 90.1 City: Indianapolis, IN

I live in Frankfort IN 40-50 miles North of Indianapolis

Thanks again,

Looking forward to your reply

Steve Smith

Sounds as though the tranny is over full causing the fluid to foam.

When it foams too much the tranny does not get properly lubricated and will build up pressure and push fluid/foam out the filler tube.

Replace the dipstick with an OEM one and drain the tranny, replace the filer and fill to required level.

Gm had recall for the that dipstick issue. They replaced the dipstick with one that had a latching lever. They replaced mine for zero.

Check a dealer