Transmission acting weird



Hi, I have a 98’ Camry with 68K miles and lately the automatic transmission has been acting up.

When the car hits about 40 mph and I let go of the acceleration, the car sort of jerks slightly like a hiccup.

It does not do this at any other intervals (40mph or above), so this seems kind of strange.

Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


That could be a drivability issue instead of a transmission issue. I would let a drivability man look at it first and rule out an engine/tune up problem. Drivability problems are often mistaken for transmission problems causing the owner much headaches and draining his/her wallet on repairs which were not needed.



How old are your spark plugs and wires? If they are original (almost 10 years) now would be a good time to change them out. It would also be a good time to check on other maintenance items. I don’t know if you have a timing belt or chain (I think chain) but if it is a belt it is likely due for a change based on time. If it is a belt there is no warning or checking that can determine it is still good, just change it. You are a low mileage driver, so you may need to do all the maintenance based on time not miles.


40 is about the speed at which the torque converter locks up on many vehicles. This could be what you feel. Do you feel anything if you don’t lift off the throttle exactly at 40?