Car jerking at gear change

Check engine light comes on as I was about drive from work to home.

Car: 2001 Honda accord, 4 Clyiners.

Miles: 88900

Car usually change gears at around 3000 RPM. However, it now jerks back and forth whenever it hits around 3000 RPM and rpm would jump back and forth between 2800 and 3100 RPM. If I step on the gas extremely slowly, it would gear change w/o the jerking. I tried change from D4 to D3 and it helps a little bit.

any ideas?

I am not going to say it will fix the problem, but have you ever changed the transmission fluid? Have you checked to see the color and odor of the transmission fluid? That might be a good place to start. I know some manufacturers don’t have a specific listing of transmission fluid and filter changes as regular maintenance, but most of us here believe it is a wise idea at no less than about 60,000 miles.

Replace your fuel filter every 15’000 miles

It’s in the owners manual, change ALL fluids every 30,000 miles

I don’t think a fluid change is going to fix this. My wife’s new Honda Element did this and it was some kind of a bad solenoid in the transmission. Fortunately it was repaired under warranty. What’s happening is the transmission is shifting back and forth between two gears.

Best idea is call Honda dealer and ask if your vehicle is covered by the 7yr/100,000 extended transmission warranty due to higher rate of failure and Honda owning up to it.