Vibration on car when accelerating

I have a '99 toyota camry with about 212k miles, it runs great, almost like new,i get the same or better gas mileage than what toyota says it got brand new. I have noticed that when I am going about 40 to 80 mph when I step on the gas to speed up just a little it vibrates for a split second like if I went over some rumble strips. it happens noticeably when I gently step on the gas and not as much when I step on it to gain speed faster. Is this something I should take care of soon? Is it dangerous to keep driving like this? and what could be causing this?

I think its the motor mounts that is causing the vibration. you have put plenty of miles so I would say you should change all the mounts

IF you have an automatic trans…It MAY BE…that your torque convertor is going from “locked up” to “unlock” to allow the vehicle to basically drop down a half gear to ease acceleration. You may be feeling the torque convertor switching between phases.

Then again…I dont know if you have an auto or manual.

Thats my honest educated guess…Ive seen this very symptom occur in other vehicles with auto trannys…and it took much troubleshooting to figure out that it was the torque convertor…or the switching solenoid in the tranny that allows torque convertor lockup… the solenoid was not snapping on and or off in a clean fashion…and sort of shuddered in between modes


Thank you for your suggestions, my motor mounts are all less than a year old, i will check the torque converter, thanks again. I will post and let y’all know what happens.