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Trailing arm bushings - what do they do

I have a '97 honda civic and at the last maintenance, the mechanic indicated that the rear trailing arm bushings need to be replaced.

I wanted to know what these bushings are required for and what happens if we do not replace them immediately.

We only sparingly drive this car for about 20 miles a week in local roads. Is it a safety issue to not have these replaced immediately.

Common problem. Not a concern. It will only cause noise and annoyance as they get worse.

As they wear out, the rear wheels will get out of alignment, and will shift around a bit, which may cause the steering to feel a little ‘sloppy’ and to pull a little, especially when you put on the brakes. Not enough to be hazardous, just enough to notice.

For some models, Honda does not sell the bushing separately. They sell you the whole trailing arm. You can get the bushing separately from aftermarket vendors.