Trailing Arm Bushings



I have a 2005 Legacy GT wagon with 46k miles in New England. I was told by dealer that trailing arm bushings are starting to separate. They recommended replacement but at $500 I want to understand a bit more and if normal at what seems to be early in cars life at 3yrs/46k?

Thanks for insight.


Unless you regularly take the car bushwhacking, that’s too soon for those bushings to go bad. What symptoms are you experiencing?

Get a second opinion at an independent shop.


No symptoms whatsoever and no bushwacking, lots of frost heaves though this year. My car went in for oil change/rotate and they found front/rear brake pads were worn out(replaced front pads only and they smoothed rotors).

I plan on trying independent Subaru specialist it just seemed like an odd item to go this early especially `9k past warranty.