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Honda crv rear trailing arm bushings

How important are the rear trailing arm bushings on a 99 honda crv? I was told they are broken. Is the car dangerous to drive?

If they’re actually “broken” they need to be replaced. The bushing sthemselves are cheap. Replacement costs depend on how much work is necessary to get the old ones out and the ne wones in. Trailing arm bushing usuallly aren’t bad.

But I’ll add that in these times of low revenues, shops are finding bushings “broken” that aren’t actually broken. A bushing is just a rubber “bumper” between two assembled metal components. It soaks up vibration and shock, as well as allowing spaces between parts that if made to precision would be expensive and harder riding and/or noisier. These chunks of rubber usually are molded with “shoulders” to keep them in place, and these shoulders will often distort and look bad when in fact they’re not bad at all. A bad bushing will allow thinking when the parts are shaken.

In ahort, get a second opinion. And if the shop can’t actuallly show you why they’re bad, they aren’t.