2002 Honda Civic compliance (control arm?) bushing failure--dangerous?

I took my 2002 Honda Civic in to the dealership and they tell me that my “compliance” bushings are tearing. I will replace them as soon as possible (next week), but would rather not do it today at the dealership ($$!). Does anyone know what the consequences of these bushings failing would be? Sluggish steering? Breaking an axel? Wear and tear on the suspension system? If I drive it are there precautions I can take to avoid making the problem worse? Is it so dangerous that I should avoid driving the car until I can have them repaired? thanks for your help!


Get a second opinion from an independent mechanic. This is not a life-threatening emergency, if there’s anything wrong with your Civic at all.

Drive it with confidence until someone other than the dealer tells you these bushings are a problem.

This whole thing sound like ADP (additional dealer profit) to me.

Ask yourself this; Would you be able to tell the difference if they claimed to have replaced the bushings?

Since you have not claimed there are any drivability problems with your car, I doubt you would notice anything, except the drain on your checking account.

Get a second opinion.

I agree with mc above. It is very rare for a control arm bushing to fail or to tear. I would check with your friends for recommendations for a good independent mechanic and/or check the Mechanic-X files on this web site. Get a second opinion and I suspect that you will find there is nothing wrong with the control arm bushings. Then call the Honda customer service rep listed in the owners manual and put in a complaint about the dealership.

The control arm bushing is a captured bushing, that is it wont fall out, or even change position, even if it got ripped. It would have to be pulverized to get it out. It is normal for the rubber to “check”. Checking is from drying and looks like its being ripped, but its only on the surface.

Thanks to both of you–I will get a second opinion!