Trailing Arm Bushing crack



I took my car to Sunnyale Acura - Customer Appreciation 45point insp.

They tell me that Trailing Arm Bushing cracked - if I don’t do anything, will it hurt in a long term?

Also, Radiator hose is crunchy - I see a big horse that goes from the Radiator to the engine - it is nice and soft?? It has 62k - good condition & well maintained. Are they just making it up?



what are you ,or your tech calling the SAID trailing arm? is it before or after the suspected axle?

crunching hoses are in dire need of replacement
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They checked your car and made an assessment. No one here on this board has any clue of the condition of your vehicle and 62k is meaningless as you left out a critical piece of information, the age of your vehicle. Both are beyond plausible.


Were you having any clunking noises? Rubber bushing commonly develop cracks on their surfaces as they age, and unless the trailing arm end being isolated by the bushing is clunking when the arm is pulled on or when driving, the cracks are meaningless.

Crispex is crunchy. Oatmeal is soft. Is your horse [sic] crunchy or soft?
Seriously, the hose should be able to be squeezed and not show signs of surface cracking. Unlike the bushing, surface cracking on a hose is a sign that the hose needs to be replaced.

Offhand, it sounds like Sunnyvale Acura has a “Revenue Generator 45 point inspection”. You can get these items looked at by a reputable independent shop, but it doesn’t sound like you have a real problem.


1999 model
It looks excellent condition

I occasionally heard some noise too - perhaps ramping up on the driveway - occasionally when I began to reverse from D4.

The bush only need to be changed. Driver side.


Have an independent shop look at it. A trailing arm bushing should not be expensive to change.