Creaky 2002 Honda Accord

My car has been creaking more and more for the last month, when I start accelerating, when I go over bumps, when I turn. I hear it under the passenger seat and also in the back. I can’t see anything visibly dangling off the bottom of the car, but when I pulled on the muffler it was a little bouncy. I’m assuming it’s rust in the exhaust system. Does that sound right, or is there something else it could be?

More than likely, the problem is simply dry bushings on various parts of the front and rear suspensions. Your mechanic can lube the bushings, but it may need to be re-done periodically,

Trailing arm bushings are starting to either harden or go bad. Eric the car guy on YouTube just did a video on how to check and replace. They can be a real pain to replace depending on the car model. If they dont look cracked or damaged I’d spray some silicone spray on them every so often and turn up your radio.

Thank you so much! Do you know if this is normally an expensive process? And if I’ve been driving with this sound for a month or so, is it possible I’ve done irreparable damage?

Thank you so much! If I’ve been driving with this sound for a month or so, do you think it’s likely I’ve done irreparable damage?

No it’s not as crucial. I drove with mine making noise for three years before replacing. After they were replaced it still made some of the noise in the winter subzero temps. I’d spray them with silicone spray and call it good. They can cost a few hundred bucks to replace so I’m not sure it’s worth it if you only plan on keeping the car for a few more years.

Have a trusted non dealer mechanic take a look. If he agrees it is just a trailing arm bushings lube and keep on rolling.