Trailing Arm Bushings

I have a 2007 MDX with 132k miles on it in salty New England. The trailing arm bushings according to dealer are splitting and need to be replaced for $775 with alignmnet included.

I understand these items go eventually however what is a fair price for this kind of work.?

Get a second opinion. And if the second shop concurs, a second estimate.
“Splitting” could mean that they’re just inconsequential surface cracks, or it could mean chunks are falling out. Since it was a dealer, my bet is that they’re only meaningless surface cracks. Dealer shops tend to judge everything in comparison to brand new parts, and if they don’t look brand new they tend to want to change them.

By the way, there’s no need to be bringing a 2007 to a dealer. You might be better off to establish a relationship with a reputable independent shop. This would be a good opportunity to start.

It’s normal for the exposed rubber of the bushings crack or weather check over time. But that doesn’t mean that they require replacement.

Unless there’s noise coming from the rear suspension or the vehicle’s handling is being effected, the bushings/trailing arms aren’t replaced.