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What I want to know is, can you even call yourself a redneck if you don’t have your own stripper pole to take mud bogging?


OMG! I’ve been to Krum, TX. I have in-laws who lived in Denton until they moved closer to Dallas. I have to let them see this. :laughing:

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Be right at home at the Redneck Yacht Club


What is mud bogging?

Driving through large mud puddles and water, slinging mud into the air with your 4WD truck, Jeep, ATV, Side-by-Side… whatever. Usually they are lifted vehicles with large, wide mud tires…

Lubrication seems to be necessary with large amounts of Bud or Busch beer…Whatever is on sale.

Seems to attract women in limited amounts of clothing. There are videos on YouTube of the events.


And this is supposed to be fun how?

The participants seem to be having a great time.

Not my cup of Joe, tho… I thought the name of the place was very funny considering it is as far from any real yacht clubs with boats, physically and culturally, as you can get in Florida.

Just sounds like a waste of time and money.

Mustangman explained it pretty well and if I have it figured right he lives fairly close to a big one outside of Naples Florida.

How about the cajun navy from Louisiana.


Keep it Klassy Texas, you could hire a party bike bar for a bunch of your friends in Dallas for $45 a person although I’m fairly sure it’s more about the drinking than an actual tour. My dad has been to Denton but mostly remembers nearly being run off the road by the locals in pickup trucks who didn’t approve of his rented Corolla. The rental agent did try to talk him into a Ford Explorer but he didn’t see the need at the time.

I would have guess that was a flag pole. If not it should have railings on the sides. Don’t want any skinned knees. No way it’s worth $800 though.

That applies to almost any hobby. In Florida along with muddying we also have swamp buggy racing.


The Redneck Yacht Club is somewhere east of me and the mud bog race park is southeast. I heard adverts on the radio for mud bog races this weekend! Yee Haw?

The mud bog races are are an item in my bucket list at least once, the Yacht Club, not so much, or at all!


A waste of time and money is really just a matter of your interests. Same could be said of a lot of hobbies.

Some love fishing, I see it as a way to float in boats drinking beer. But I am so bad at it, I wouldn’t even bother to bait the hook! Some love golf, I just don’t need to subject myself to that amount of frustration.

I love track days in my Mustang. Many see that as pointless but it gives me joy and that is the point. Different strokes for different folks, I guess.


Most hobbies are. Many would argue that any form of motorsport is a waste of time and money.


Money spent on Hobbies is a personal thing that only matters to the person doing the Hobby. I have a lot of money tied up in my Diecast car collection plus the large amount of tools to make display cabinets for them .


Mud bogging is what happens when the cast of Jackass gets together with the folks from Girls Gone Wild to collaborate on a project. It’s the place to go when you’re in the mood to listen to the loudly distorted “music” of Kid Rock and Limp Bizkit as you watch people earn their Darwin Awards (or honorable mentions).

For some people, it’s their idea of fun.


After I retired 5 years ago, I became very depressed. I went to see a therapist, and she asked me, “what do you do for enjoyment”? I said " I do more work". She said “when you were actively working, was there anything besides work that you enjoyed?” I said “no”. At this point she realized that I’m a very focused individual who was not going to change. She and I came up with a plan where I’d do consulting. So far so good. A helluva lot better than wasting my time playing in the mud.


How can you know that unless you’ve tried both alternatives?

If it helps, think of mud bogging as noodling, but with motorized vehicles instead of fish. By the end of the day, most of them are fishing their ATVs out of some river.