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Redneck Auto Repairs

I’m sure many of you have seen some of these before, but some are so innovative that I thought I would share them.

If I was the highway patrol,most of these vehicles would have been impounded-Kevin

'round these parts, them’s REZ repairs.

To be p.c. one could essentially ‘‘insert ethnic group here’’.

I don’t know if I see any legal issues with the one with the air cooler and custom air filter. It it ugly as hell though.

@whitey: Ah, you went and done it now. Pics of my truck…with the “Ford Ranger” toolbox I found junking adapted to my F150. (This is version 2.0…version 1.0 was proof-of-concept, and would have done much better if it were painted against the elements. )

Also note the Lexan rear window…

////[pics in next post. For some reason, if I start a post on Android, I cannot add paragraph breaks or pictures to that post on my Apple or PC].

That Honda with the turbo sticking up would be illegal in Minnesota.

There can’t be anything that obstructs the drivers forward view.


Okay, retry:


I got a real kick out of the one with a dolly wheel attached to the front axle with a “U” bolt.
I saw the one of the guy under the green pickup that’s propped up on 6x6 beams. Did anybody else notice that he appears to be welding right next to the gas tank?

Being from the Redneck capital of the US, myself and quite a few other Mississippians are proud of our accomplishments. Some of us have done so much with so little for so long that we can now do most anything with nothing.

I have a few really great expressions of regional pride that would not be well taken here. And it’s a shame that the PC police are so overly sensitive.

Are they automotive related? If they are, I think you should share them.

TEST: Can anybody tell me if these pics show up? Or the ones from the last thread? They apparently work on the Mac but not Android (don’t know about PC). Should be a pickup truck with tool box.


You have set up an account on Gmail to view images.


I think I might have it now…

I used to watch Red Green and he seemed to have an endless stream of these “repairs”.

Automotive related- My grandfather had a 1993 escort he bought new when they were selling them for $10,499. I remember he would take it for an oil change and he would decline the airfilter they always tried selling (though it probably did need it) and when he got home he would take the air filter out and wash it in the kitchen sink, It got some of the crap out but keep in mind this was your standard pleated paper air filter, he probably did more harm than good but you would never tell him that. It should be noted that he also never washed the car, it maybe seen a carwash twice its whole life.

Non automotive related- That same grandfather died several years ago and when cleaning out his things we found an extension cord with two male ends on it that he had fabricated… One can only guess what it was for…

An extension cord with a male plug on both ends can be used to connect a generator into an outlet to hopefully carry current through the house’s wiring. Doing so can be dangerous for the homeowner and neighbors unless a great deal of preparation has been made.

That one with the screwdriver in the ignition isn’t a redneck auto repair. It’s a car thief. :wink:

Around here if the cops see you driving around like that, you’d better be able to prove beyond any doubt that you actually own the vehicle, or you’re getting impounded and jailed until they can sort it out.

@Shadowfax: did you notice the fare meter in that one? I’d say most likely 3rd-world taxi, with hot car being a distinct 2nd possibility.

One of those photos gives new meaning to the term “exhaust hanger”.


i’m a fan too. I remember my first show. His big project was building a canoe trailer instead of spending good money on one.
By the time he was done, it was electrical conduit…duct taped together with two different bike wheels. As he drove off at the end of the show the thing was swaying around the road so much it took up two lanes. And that reminded me of Ma and Pa Kettle, when he drove the buggy with an old swaybacked full size horse on one side and the littlest pony on the other side.