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Stuck in the mud

Been a few times I wish I had thought of this.

And this year’s MacGyver award goes to…

Maybe I can get of 4wd!

Great idea, thanks for posting.

I like it!

Now that’s an idea. I used a plank once but this is something you normally could find in your trunk.

goodbye brake lines…

hope it doesn t puncture your gas tank…

me no likey

That shouldn’t effect the brake-line. It isn’t protruding inside any more then a tire chain would…probably even less.

Good idea. Alternatively one could get a 4WD truck and proper off-road tires. It looks like that that truck has an open rear diff as well.

yeah, the video stopped just before the board came loose and went god knows where.

if you think that that board is gonna stay in that position for very long I must disagree with you.

maybe in a dire emergency, but I can afford a little delay more than I can afford vehicle repairs.

the fender well will get beat up and the body may get damaged. the brake lines and emergency brakes could be damaged and if it come loose just right it could go thru the gas tank.

no thanks.

My guess from the materials used is that the driver is probably a surveyor. That would also explain why he’s off road in the mud.