Trailblazer Transmission

i was driving recently with my dog in the car. he jumped on my lap, and when i put him back i got shifted into neutral. then, i accidently shifted into reverse instead a drive for an instant. i was going around 50mph. will this likely cause problems with my transmission?

It probably never engaged reverse (you would have noticed if it had), I wouldn’t worry about it unless you experience some transmission problems.

Now someone will probably want to pass seat-belt laws for dogs.

You probably won’t have any problems if you didn’t hear a gear clash. The parking pawl noise is normal but I’ve seen transmission shops use this method to break a valve body that is stuck free. I don’t think that will help shifting but usually no damage. LEE

You probably got off with no problem. If there was a problem you would have noticed it by now.

Many years ago I was with a friend in a 67 Camaro RS and he shifted that car into reverse at 40 MPH - twice. The rear tires locked up and smoke rolled as the car skidded to a halt. Never a hiccup of it even afterwards. (Youthful exuberance!) :slight_smile: