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Manual transmission problem/question

As i was reversing i was going to put the car in neutral so i put the clutch down but the gear shift wouldnt go ito neutral i tried puting it into neutral a couple times but it wouldnt go so i released the clutch and me being a forgetful idiot forgot to add gas so the car stalled immedietly. Did i cause any damage? I tried reversing again a couple more times and it went into neutral with ease its just sometimes its harder for it to go in neutral. Anyways in conclusion besides me hurting my ego did i cause any damage or wear to my car in any way possible?

It is very unlikely you did any damage to the trans or clutch with one stall. Don’t worry about that.

Not going into neutral IS a worry. The clutch sounds like its not disengaging entirely and the transmission syncros don’t want to let it out of gear. Could be clutch master cylinder, slave cylinder, the pressure plate or throwout bearing. Could just be air in the lines. Start with the hydraulics first, it it isn’t leaking out of the slave cylinder, bleed it. See if that clears it up. If not;

Next, check to see that it strokes fully (if you can see it at all) If not, then focus on the clutch master cylinder. If it does stroke fully and the problem persists, your pressure plate spring may be failing.

Now this only happens in reverse and its rare that it happens

How could stalling it even cause damage to a clutch or trans?

Unless you redlined the engine and dumped the clutch, you did no trans or clutch damage, as I said. No engine damage, no problems. Don’t worry about it.

If this problem is only in reverse, there may be an internal transmission problem with reverse gear.

+1 to mustangman’s posts.

Some cars don’t have synchronizers for reverse gear. If the idle is too high, the clutch not fully disengaging, or your technique not good (like not pushing the clutch pedal all the way in) these cars can give you a hard time going into reverse gear.

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Of course, OP’s problem is going out of reverse.

True. I should have said that not pushing the clutch pedal in all the way can also cause difficulty taking the car out of reverse. Or perhaps I should have just suggested that the OP make sure he/she was pushing the pedal in fully.

A question I also should have asked is whether the OP was trying to shift into neutral while the car was still moving backwards. If the clutch isn’t fully depressed and you try doing this, the shifter will feel stuck. The gears don’t separate so easily with a load on them.