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Changing gears on Automatic Transmission while still moving

Hello, today while I was backing up in a driveway, I noticed that I changed from “drive” to “reverse” before I was completely stopped, even though I was only going 5 MPH maximum. I just want to know if this truly can be bad or not? My friend told me it is, but since it happened at low speeds, I was just wondering

Don’t make a habit of it. It isn’t good.

Agree! If you do this once no damage results, but it is a VERY BAD HABIT to get into.

Yep, bad. It stresses both your (expensive) transmmission and the (expensive) motor mounts.

Yes, it truly can be bad. I wouldn’t worry about this one time, but if you get into this habit you will significantly shorten the life of your car’s transmission. Shift only when the vehicle is at rest.

You owe your friend lunch. He/she was giving you good advice.

Ok thank You everyone!