Tpms reading

07 gm suv. If I replace wheels with identical wheels do I have to relearn the tpms?

only if you use different tpm’s


Assuming you’ve got the regular type that broadcasts the pressure signal like normal, the sensor is in the wheel. The sensor ID is programed to the receiver. If you change the sensor, it has to be programed to the receiver. If you change wheels, and put new sensors on, they have to be programed. If you move the old sensors to the new wheels, and keep the locations the same, they wouldn’t have to be programed.

I just had one replaced last week and went through the programming last night again. On the Pontiac, you press the lock and unlock buttons at the same time, then at the horn and signal light prompts, add or release air until the horn honk, then on to the next tire. Takes about 5 minutes, or the tire shop can do it with their programmer in one minute. Assuming you don’t do your own tire mounting and balancing.