Tire Pressure Sensor Indicator

I hit a curb at a relatively slow speed, but at the perfect spot to pulverize a front wheel valve stem. Took the wheel in and the garage told me the wheel’s $150 pressure sensor would need to be replaced with valve stem. Since replacing the the wheel, the low tire pressure indicator has been on. I tried resetting the indicator per the owner’s manual, but no luck. During reset the “blinks” occurred as described, but the light has never gone off. Any suggestions?

The ID code from the new tire pressure sensor must be entered into the TPM computer with a scan tool.

I don’t understand…did you have the tire pressure sensor replaced or are you just driving on the spare wheel? If you’re driving on the spare, you may have a warning light on until the correct tire/wheel combo is back on the car. If you did replace the sensor/valve stem assembly, the tire monitor system will have to be programmed with a scan tool or such to accept the new sensor.

Need to know what you are driving…some need to have the id programmed others need to be “activated” by a TPMS tool. The tire shop should have done this

2009 Vibe. Did have the stem replaced. Took just the wheel into the garage. They never had the car.

The new sensor has to be registered as previously mentioned. This is what ALLDATA says about the new sensor…

It is necessary to register the sensor IDs in the tire pressure control module, when replacing any of the sensors and/or the control module.

Prepare all sensor ID data before starting registration procedure.

Read and record the sensor IDs that are stored in the control module. If sensor IDs cannot be read due to component malfunctions, remove the tires from the wheels and record the IDs located on the sensors. Important: When replacing a sensor, record the 7-digit ID number on the sensor.
With the scan tool, input the sensor IDs and transmit them to the control module.
Confirm that the tire pressure data is displayed for all tires.
Confirm that the tire pressure warning light is Off.