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Toyota V6 vs Jeep I6

I’ve been looking for an older car to use for camping, fishing etc. and have been taking a look at 4Runners and Jeep Cherokees. I recognize that Toyota has a great reputation, but I have seen a lot of web comments about head gasket problems with their 3.0 and 3.4 V6. I’ve also seen many positive comments about the Jeep 4.0 Inline 6. Does anyone have any thoughts or recommendations?

The Jeep I6 is definitely a good engine.
However, there are many other serious problem areas on those vehicles, including the electrical/electronic systems and the front end. If you are considering one of these vehicles, have it carefully checked out by your mechanic prior to purchase.

How old of a Toyota you looking for. Since 04 they’ve been using a 4.0L V6…GREAT engine…Very reliable. The Jeep I6 is a good durable engine. Some years they had a valve clatter problem.

Probably a '93-'99 … that’s why I’m concerned about the 3.0 or 3.4 V6.

The 3.0 on our old Sienna was great, and had no problems.

The 3.0L on my dad’s early 90’s 4runner with 150k has blown two head gaskets with proper care. First on Toyota’s dime the second outside their coverage period of this acknowledged defect. The 3.0 V6 in his vehicle is anemic and delivers poor MPG for the lack of power.

Would you consider instead a pickup with an I4? Toyota’s 4-bangers are virtually indestructable.