Toyota Sienna [mini van] 6 cylinder vs. 4 cylinder engine?

Since I plan no heavy load carrying or towing useage [and am used to a 4 cylinder engine in my presnt Plymoth Voyager mini van with 265,000 miles on it] is there any reason to buy a 6 cylinder engine in the 2011 Sienna. We are planning to buy new. Anyone have some hard data or experiences on which is better?

Given it weighs in at about 4300 pounds, I’m thinking the four cylinder would be overmatched in such a large vehicle. According to the EPA there is only a 1 MPG difference between the 4 cylinder and V6, it’s not like you’ll be saving a tremendous amount of money on fuel. The sticker price difference is less than grand as well.

I’d go with the V6 if I were you. That’s just my opinion though

I would get the V6. That’s a HEAVY vehicle, even with nothing in it. The 4-cylinder is going to work really hard to move it around.

My vote would be road test a 4-cylinder. If you feel as satisfied with the power as you did with your 4-cyl Voyager, then get the 4-cylinder. Better fuel mileage and lower maintenance costs.

We have that 4-cylinder in our 4000lb Venza and it’s got plenty of pep.

My first reaction is go for the V6, but … JoeMario has some experience with the 4 cyl in a similar weight vehicle. Toyota 4’s just seem more bullet proof than the Toyota V6, so I’d consider the 4. My hope would the 4 will be more reliable and lower maintenance expense over the years you own it.

According to the April issue of Consumer Reports, the 4 cylinder and the 6 cylinder Sienna minivans both get about the same mileage, but the 4 cylinder is considerably slower. I have a 2011 Sienna V-6 that I purchased just after they came out in March of 2010. My mileage runs 16-18 around town and 23-25 on the road. For highway travel, I think you will find the V-6 quieter than the 4. I have about 16,000 miles on my Sienna and have had no problems at all. Since my other vehicle is a 2003 Toyota 4Runner, I was considered a loyal Toyota driver and have free oil changes for 2 years. I have had no expenses other than gasoline.

The EPA estimates ar 19 cit and 24 highway for the 4 cyl and 18/24 for the 6 cyl. estimates that you will save $143 for every 15,000 miles you drive if gasoline is $3.96 per gallon. That is less than 40 cents per day. The base version with the 6 cyl is $1000 more than the 4-cyl. If you plan to keep it for a long time, it seems to me that the $1000 is not much to pay for the improved road manners of the 6 cyl. The price difference for the LE is more like $3000, and that is a more serious issue.

I don’t think that the 4 cylinder Sienna is as popular and you may have to order it as opposed to buying one off the lot. If this is the case, you may find the price difference less for the V-6 if the dealer has what you want on his lot as opposed to a special order.

Good point, Triedaq. I live in Mexico, and most, not all, of my driving is done with a ridiculously low 60 hph speed limit, less then 40 mph. If I get another one, it will be 4 cylinder to keep original cost down. Unless as Triedaq says I can get a better price on a 6 in stock.