Jeep Cherokee

Have previously owned 2 Cherokees- both totalled by my kids eventually-

why do we allow teenagers to ever get their licenses?- anyway- am now looking @ an '00 w/ 72k and an '01 w/94k- $1000 diff in price- would either be a good buy- or should I forget both and purchase '06 Aveo w/ low miles and high gas mileage?

Thanks f/ any suggestions-

If you are looking for a fuel-efficient vehicle, there are definitely better choices out there than the Aveo. It is a vehicle that was designed by Daewoo before they went under, and was given a bit of an upgrade by GM, but that still compares poorly in virtually every way with the competition. In fact, the gas mileage isn’t even that great, considering how small it is.

I like my cherokee,4x4 is great inthe snow, I get 20mpg
on the road and a consistant 18 mpg local driving. The
4.0 six is a great motor and will last a long long time if take care of, but if you need to save money on fuel economy I would look at something else other than the aveo.

Thanks f/ info- what would you rec as best fuel efficient small car?