1985 Jeep Cherokee

I found a 1985 Jeep real cheap with a 5 speed transmission. Problem is it has a V6 in it…I just dont like V6 engines.

Any input on the problems i might have with pulling the V6 and putting an inline 6 in it???
Some quick research said the inline wont bolt up to the transmission and some wiring issues…

Bad idea on a car meant for a v6. What is the skepticism about v6 engines ? You try to change the motor, it won’t be cheap anymore. Just buy an old Jeep Cherokee with the straight 6…

I just never liked v6 engines…just me i guess. I did some research on that engine 2.8 if i remember right…bad bad reviews
Yep. Im gna have to pass and wait on something different


Just find one with the I6. The tranny won’t likely handle the big increase in hp. I got the 4 in '84 because the v6 was so weak.

Copy that


I owned an '85 Cherokee with the 2.8 engine. It was one weak puppy. Nice vehicle though as long as you were not in any hurry to go anywhere. It took me a while but I got used to the bicycles passing me in the street.

The 2.8 GM V-6 in the Jeep is relatively reliable and should outperform the I-6’s fuel mileage but yes, it is a gutless wonder. As stated above, it would be cheaper to buy another Jeep with the bigger engine rather than retrofit one into the '85. Nothing in the power train is compatible between that model and later models.

BTW, what size tires are on the Cherokee? Oversize tires will drastically reduce performance on that vehicle.

If this vehicle must have an emissions test, you can forget about engine swapping…Of course, if you have enough MONEY you can do anything…