New engine or "new" used car?

Hi, I have a 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo, V6, 310,000 miles. I love this Jeep–it has been amazing! But now it needs a new engine, in the range of $2000. Since it has so many miles, I am nervous about spending that much money when we could put it towards a newer, safer car with fewer miles. Does anyone have experience with a Jeep lasting this long or longer?

By my standards it isn’t old.
What condition is it in?
Why does it need a new engine? What’s wrong with the old one?
Could you find a better vehicle for a mere $2,000?
Lastly, do you WANT a newer vehicle?

If you think the rest of it is in good shape i would put a engine in it. Maybe have somebody look it over…

Those vehicles are good at accumulating a tremendous amount of miles without a major failure. I would also like to know what is wrong with the current engine. You said V6, but I assume you are actually referring to the 4.0L inline six since a V6 was not offered that until 2005? The 4.0 is bulletproof, which is why I’m curious what happened to it. I worked on one a few years ago that had over 700,000 miles on it and still had the original valve cover gasket. Nothing on the engine had ever been apart!


Yes, it is a 4.0 inline 6. We’re waiting for final diagnosis, but there was a tapping which got louder over a couple of days, consistent with engine speed and then it died on the highway. I couldn’t get it to start again, though it did later on and made a horrible knocking noise–maybe threw a rod or collapsed valve lifter. The valve cover is off and push rods seem to be ok and can’t see anything else. Initial conversation with the mechanic led to new engine idea since seems like engine will have to be taken apart to fix whatever is wrong. Hope this helps; thanks for ideas

Yes, over 700,000 miles. It was a postal Cherokee. Right hand drive. Probably lived a hard life too, but it did run well.

Thats amazing and with all the stop and go driving. Ive heard the toyota inline 4 called bullet proof but not the jeep inline 6 until today. I drive an inline 6 jeep. Ya made my day

Based on your description, a different engine may be the way to go for this repair. Before doing this, you will need to have the rest of the vehicle evaluated to determine if repairing it will be worth the money. You don’t want to do a $2000 repair if rust is setting in or you will have to follow up with another $3000 in repairs soon afterward. If the price quoted is for a used engine, for this vehicle, you may want to look into a remanufactured engine. The 4.0 is so common and plentiful that, around here anyway, rebuilt long blocks (block, head, and all internal components) can be had for well under $1,000. You will pay a little more, though, due to the repair shop markup.

Just to be contrary, how about a $3000 transmission, or fuel pump, electronics, wheel bearings, brakes, and on and on. I’ve been there and 300K is plenty of miles to cut your losses and into something newer. So how far would you want to drive it with a new engine-400K, 500K? IMHO anyway.

I agree with Mark’s advice.