Toyota Solora accessory socket

My wife’s 2007 Solora convertible has no power to the accessory plugs, I have tested all the plugs and fuses with an ohmeter and they are all good. Still they don’t work. Am I missing something?
Same goes for my Ford Taurus.

If all fuses are good…did you put your voltmeter actually inside that receptacle to rule out your device that you are plugging in? Those plugs that go into cig lighters actually have a fuse in the nose of them…you unscrew the tip to access it…test your receptacle…what do you have? THEN do a continuity test on the fuse in the device you are plugging into the cig lighter type receptacle… If you have no power at the recept…then u need to look at the wires behind the receptacle

But I bet you are walking around with that cig lighter adapter…and trying it in several diff cars…CHECK THAT THING FIRST REALLY…its also FUSED! I doubt you have the same issue in several vehicles…lol


I have also checked the sockets ( there are two on the solora) with a voltmeter. Solora just started having this problem, Ford has since my wife plugged in an accessory plug that was defective 1 year ago.
I checked both cars with multiple accessory plugs, all with good fuses and made sure to double check with a volt meter, and yes the ignitions were on on both cars at the time.
The Solora has two sockets, both are dead but fuses OK. Just wonder if theres a relay in the circuit somewhere that may have failed? Usually if the accessory plug is tied to the ignition on, there would need to be a relay somewhere.

Hmmm good point…so you have no voltage in the receptacle then eh? Yeah I suppose there could be a relay under the hood responsible… Does your car have the feature where you have power to the windows for a period of time and then it shuts itself off or shuts off when a door is opened? Could be related to whichever relay is responsible for that I suppose…

Aside from that…you may need to get physical…and start looking into the wires behind the plugs…but only after fully going thru the relay/fuse ideas first…I think you will find the issue there somewhere. If you see a relay that you suspect…there should be a matching relay that controls some other portion of the car…swap em and see what you get…I hope don’t have a short somewhere…but you would have smoked fuses also…so


If this happens to be a 95 Taurus, see if the horn works. On a 95 the lighters & horn relay are wired to the same -hot at all times-fuse.