Plugging in something when you have no cig lighter to use

For somereason the people who owned the car before me removed the entire cig lighter unit. I lost my phone’s normal charger and was charging via my car charger with my prevouis car, but now can’t, is there anything I can buy, or adapt to be able to use a car charging item. I also have one of those emergency kits that comes with an item to use to with a cig ligter to power it to pump up flat tires, so I can’t use it either.

Pick up Taurus cigarette lighter from a salvage yard or buy a generic one from an auto parts store and reinstall it. I installed a generic one in a 98 Windstar when the original lighter failed.


There is a wire hanging down behind where the back end of the cig lighter should go, do you just “plug it into” that wire?

You can actually buy something for this. It’s a rubber plug that plugs into the lighter and has a no/smoking sign on it. I have one in my 4runner. I’ve seen them at Wallmart.

That wire is probably the one. It may have a connector on it and will just plug into the new cigarette lighter socket. I purchased a new 2000 Ford Windstar and the power socket in the front didn’t work. I checked fuses and they were all o.k. I finally pulled out the ashtray and looked behind the power socket. The connector had never been plugged in from the factory. It took 15 seconds to solve the problem.

Test the wire with a test light. If it’s hot that’s probably the wire for the lighter socket.

Whoever removed the lighter socket may have removed the fuse, too, so check that.

If you add a lighter back in, make sure the correct fuse is being used. If the previous owner removed the lighter because it was causing electrical issues, they might have tried a higher-current fuse (which is dangerous, of course).

This is an easy DIY project, especially is you go to a salvage yard and pull the “Power Point” socket out yourself. Or any auto-sound shop should be happy to install a multiple power outlet…

At a parts house you can buy a power socket to put there. ( it will not take a lighter element, power only )

What is a power socket? Does it plug in like the cig lighter does or does it have to be wired itself?

Agree . . . go to a salvage yard and look for a car like yours . . . pull the lighter socket out of it and watch what you do, then reinstall it in your vehicle. Might cost you a buck. Rocketman