Cigerette Lighter fuse or replace

97 toyota Rav 4. Cig lighter is out. I checked the fuse under the dash on the drivers side. Was not blown but changed it anyway. Can’t find a fuse marked cig. under the hood. I did not see one for cig on the passenger side either. Dare I mess with the fuse box attached to the battery. That’s getting a bit too risky for me. I checked the local auto parts stores. They don’t carry a replacement that fits my car? This has been a great car, untill it comes to the small stuff.

I’d get this one.


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thank you. Can I replace with a power adapter for phone charging? If so. What would you recommend.


no. I need the acutual socket replaced.

I am a little confused , do you have power going to the socket and the socket is bad . If that is the case an auto accessory shop should be able to wire in a charging cord assuming you don’t really need a cigarette lighter .

yes, I am not getting power to the cig lighter. I use it only to charge my phone. I don’t smoke. my brother borrowed the car for about 4 months. He smokes. When I got the car back. the cig lighter no longer worked??? So I can’t seem to find a faulty fuse. so, I am thinking of just changing the socket out for one used to charge a phone.

If there is no power to the present socket replacing it will not solve the problem . You say the cig lighter does not work but have you plugged your phone in to see if the socket is dead.

I can not seem to find any other fuses that go to cig lighter, other than on drivers side under dash. If there is another location, but can not find one. Checked all 3 locations that are in the owner manual. I have heard you can clean the sockets to see if dirt is preventing contact. But how do I clean it, and with what?

There’s a tsb about checking for receptacle damage. EL002-98

The cig lighter seems to be powered from the battery through a 15A fuse in fuse block F8, labeled “cig and rad”. Location: Lower finish panel. Appears to be just ahead of driver’s left knee. That fuse block also has tail light , gauge, turn signal fuses, etc. So it must be pretty easy to find, may have to remove a plastic cover to see it.

There are 2 fuses for the lighter in the drivers side fuse panel, #18 and #32.

Yes. I replaced 1 15Amp fuse that said lighter/rad. Thanks for the heads up about the other one I will notate and check tomorrow. Thanks guys. I appreciate it.

Did you check to see if the fuse you removed was actually blown? That fuse powers other stuff, so it seems like if it went skee-wampus you’d notice other stuff not working too. It appears the dashboard clock – for example – is powered via that fuse. If you’ve had no trouble w/the dash clock, probably not a fuse problem.

How did you determine that the socket is dead? Did you actually test it with a meter? If you’re just having an issue with your phone charger, that doesn’t necessarily prove that the socket is dead.

Probably that other fuse that Nevada mentioned but going back in time on my 59 Pontiac, there was an actual fuse attached to the socket in back. You had to get access to the back of the socket to see it. Don’t know if they still do this or not now.