Toyota Sienna



I have a 2002 Toyota Sienna LE. About 2 weeks ago both of my wireless door openers stopped working. I took it to the dealer and he siad that both openers short circited and I should buy new ones. I did buy 2 used ones online and they also don’t work. I have searched the web for programming instructions and have paid Toyota on one of their tech web sites for the instructions and although I can “program” them once I am finished they do not work. Can there be somoething else wrong? Can the woreless reciever be damaged. I find it completly strange that they work fine for 5 years and then they both stop working on the same day. Anyone have any thoughts?



Have the BCM checked and make sure it is operating correctly as this controls the locking and unlocking system.
If this doesn’t work properly, the remotes won’t either.

Also, the security system may be interfering somehow.


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Add: As you do not have any remotes working now you may have to have a dealer program one remote and then you will be able to program the second one.

These remotes are programmed with constantly changing radio frequencies and without the proper knowledge and info you cannot program the first remote.

Being in this situation, I would replace the keyfob batteries before programming so you’ll start out new.