Sienna doors

I have a 2002 Toyota sienna XLE, 95k miles. A few weeks ago I replaced the battery with a DieHard. Immediately after this, the right sliding door stopped working. A few days later the left side stopped working. Neither sliding door works in the manual mode, child proof feature is disabled. Fuses are good. Both doors click when any associated switch is activated but don’t open.
It was suggested by an owner of an older Sienna that the auto door computer needed resetting. Worth a try. His proceedure involved disconecting the negative side of the battery, waiting 3-5 minutes, reconnecting battery, use the key fob remote to open a door and then close it using the fob. Wait 10 seconds open and close same as before, doing this a total of 3 times. It didn’t work, door clicks won’t open. Tried again same results. This makes sense and my thinking goes that perhaps the sequence is different for a newer model. Any suggestions??

If you are going to work on this problem yourself you should purchase the factory wiring manual to help as a guide. You say the door clicks when the switch is pushed. I would check out the power wire to the door motor and see where that leads and check the power.