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Bad door locks on 2002 sienna with 200K on it? Not really

I have had that car, the best one I have ever owned, since shortly after Nine-One-One, a date some of you may remember.

I never open any door but the driver’s door with the key. Several months ago, for some reason it occurred to me to try and see if they worked.

Nope, both the rear hatch and passenger’s door lock would not open with the key. I assumed that the mechanism corroded up over lack of use over the years.

I thought, Well, crud. But, since I haven’t used those door locks in over 12 years, I can probably get by.

I thought I had lost the spare car key when I was in Texas in December. To my surprise, I saw it on the key rack in the kitchen here in rural Mexico. I took it out to the car to check it out, and it opens all the doors.

I compared the keys, and one of the ‘vanes’ on the key I use all the time is a very tiny bit smaller than on the spare key. My guess is either that key never opened those two doors and I never noticed it. Or, it has worn over 12 years.

So, I guess when I get back to the States, I will have a copy made of the spare key.

I am also going to post this on Sienna Chat for obvious reasons.

You may need to check your manual, some makes have a computer chip in the key that need to be reprogrammed before use. The other best bet if it is not a programmable key to go to a dealer and have them cut you a key from the vin number.

My keys were starting the gotta wiggle em a bit before the ignition lock will turn, got some new keys cut and problem solved, at 10 bucks a key I bought 2!

If you get a new key cut you are not reproducing any wear of abnormalities in an old key.