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Toyota Sienna leaking fluid in or below dashboard

For the past couple of days, I’ve been hearing the sound of pouring, sloshing liquid when I make a right hand turn. It comes from down below the dashboard, toward the middle. It seems to happen only when I’ve had the air conditioning on, and only when I make a right turn. Today, some liquid actually trickled out onto my foot. Can you suggest what might be going on and how I can get it taken care of inexpensively?

Thanks in advance!

Forgot to say that it’s a 1998 Toyota Sienna XLE that has been in a couple of fender benders.

The condensation drain tube for the air conditioning is probably plugged and water is accumulating in the pan and spilling over. Take the vehicle to a shop and ask if they can check if the drain is plugged. Some will do it for free.


Thank you, Tester. I appreciate your reply. One question: it sounds like a lot of fluid is leaking. It sounds like the contents of a 2 litre bottle are being emptied. Would you still say this is condensation?


That is the noise. It is not a leak just trapped water in the air conditioning. The small vent is plugged up. It takes only a few minutes to clear it out properly.

Thank you, euryale1!