1998 Toyota Camry - Leaks

i have a 1998 toyota camry when it rains water is going into dashboard i can hear it squishing around how can i get it out I’m also find in the trunk also

The dashboard sound may be due to clogged AC evaporator drip pan drain. The drain is usually on the firewall on the passenger side. Generally can be cleared with just a finger but might require something else. There might be a YouTube video for your specific car.
A couple of possibilities for water entering the trunk. The rubber seal around the rear deck lid, visually inspect it. It is possible to dislodge a seal, you might be able to reseat it. Any tears or worn spots the seal would need replacement. Seal around rear window may have failed, requiring seal replacement.

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If it’s not a clogged air conditioner drain, your windshield might be leaking.

If you’re finding water in the trunk, you might need new rubber seals around the trunk lid. If the seal is intact, see if it is closing properly. On a car as old as yours, you might also have a hole rusted in the bottom of the trunk that water is splashing into.

My car is also a model from 1998, so both of our cars are now 21 years old. Mine is a Civic. Neither are collector’s items or worth preserving, so you might want to start saving for a down payment on your next car.

The sloshing of water you hear might be due to plugged drain holes in the windshield wiper linkage trough.

The wiper arms and the inlet cowl at the base of the windshield need to be removed to gain access to drain holes to clear them.

To check where the leak in the trunk is, get in the trunk with a flashlight, and have someone hose down the trunk lid and tail lights.

Just make sure you don’t have the keys in your pocket.


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I do prefer to learn from others’ mistakes! Thanks for the laugh - and the wisdom.