Toyota Sienna doesn't start anymore

Greetings !
I am not a professional mechanic or anything but I am doing this for my father since he is in some trouble with our van currently. While connecting the switch from our fog light to the dash my father accidentally hit a button on the bottom right of the steering wheel. Ever since the car would start for a few seconds and completely stop. We own a 2014 Toyota Sienna and need help with diagnoses and repair, so if anyone has a solution or diagnosis we would be very thankful, Thank you !

If you could tell us the specific function of that button, we might be able to provide some help.
Currently, this situation is the automotive equivalent of stating “I have a pain”, and expecting someone to diagnose the source of the pain.


lmao I was 13 when I made this

Well, then I hope you all figured this out since then :slight_smile: