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Toyota Sienna all dashboard indicators ON, speedometer, odometer & window controls stopped working

Hi, I was on a highway on my Toyota Sienna LE 2012 today and hit a minor bump (the steel protrusions on road you feel when driving over a bridge) I first thought the tire pressure signal come on, slowed down and it seemed OK. All indicators - Check Engine, ABS, VSC, Brake, Pressure, etc were also ON, speedometer, odometer not working and I stopped under a mile at a gas station. Turned off car, checked tire pressure, it was OK and restarted car - all indicators still ON, speedometer, odometer and power window controls do not work. Steering feels tight but I can drive car - I was on my way to JFK Airport and on Beltway Pky East another 10mi to go yo JFK. Car drove fine, but with all these indicators on, and steering what felt like manual.

I plan on taking car for service tomorrow but I have never remotely experienced anything like this on a car. I am also worried I messed up the car (and dangerous if something else happened…) driving to get to the airport. Anyone got some advice and similar experience and what could have gone wrong?

Thank you so much!

I have a 2011 Sienna and I believe it has electric power steering. Your 2012 does also. You have some type of electrical problem that has knocked out the power assist for the steering. My first thought is that an electrical connector may have come loose when you hit the bump.