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Blinkers Gone Beserk

We recently bought a 2002 Toyota Sienna Symphony Edition mini-van. Because it only had one key, my husband went to get a key made. The car has a remote starter and when he went back out to the car, he accidentally started it remotely. When he put the new key in the ignition the car turned off. He tried to manually start the car with the new key and wouldn’t start. He tried to manually start the car with the original key and it wouldn’t start. He tried again to start it remotely. It started and when he put the original key in the ignition it stayed running. However, when he began driving the car, the hazard lights and a small red light to the left of the steering column on the dash began blinking. He checked the hazards and they were not turned on. He drove to his destination and after turning the car off, is unable to get the lights to stop flashing. As far as we know, any security system that might have been on the car was disconnected prior to us purchasing it. Any ideas as to how we can make the car lights stop blinking? Help!

I would go here for your Toyota problem.