Toyota Sequoia dash lights

I have a Sequoia 2003, the VSC, TRAC OFF & Check Engine Light on comes more frequently, “Bull Crap.”

The check engine light tells you that one of the systems on your car is sending readings to the computer that are out of range. You have to have the code read to find out what system.
Your traction and stability controls will not work when you have an active coge and those lights are telling you that.

Agree with @oldtimer-11 The lights are there to tell you something is wrong. Get it checked.

Also, you might try actually asking a question and describing in greater detail when your problem occurs rather than just tossing out the rant.

It sounds like you expect a 15-year-old car never to have problems. That’s unrealistic.

The OP’s vehicle has a warning light that states, “Bull Crap”?

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If something goes wrong with the basic engine performance the stability control VSC and traction control TRAC systems are disabled probably. That’s done for driver’s safety reasons, until you can get the engine performance problem fixed. It would be like if Lindsay Vonn had a sprained ankle, her doctor would tell her should could ski recreationally a little if she wanted, but to not try any Olympic downhill courses.

The way a shop would start is by reading the diagnostic codes and going from there.

This is another of those things from the car complaints site that don’t have enough information to give a sensible reply. It just seems a waste of time unless the person actually returns with some facts but not many are doing that.

I feel used.